I Done Made a Blog.

Here I am with a brand shiny new blog, and I have absolutely NO idea what to write!

But here I am, and this is why.

From the 8th of May until the 30th of August I’m going for a walk. Admittedly, at 1500 miles it is quite a long walk (the length of Sweden, and Sweden is a long country).

Along the way I’ll camping and aim to be as self-sufficient as I can, even got myself a cheeky fishing rod, though knowing my luck all I’ll catch is mud and pond weeds.

Why am I doing this you ask? Well partly because I love the outdoors, I love hiking, and it’s a damn good way to lose some weight before I go to uni and put it all back on again.

But mostly it’s in support of charity and in memory of my mum. The British Heart foundation do incredible work researching the causes of, and developing treatments for, heart disease as well as providing funding for life saving first aid training courses.

So, this being 2015, I made a blog (I also own several checked shirts and feel dangerously close to becoming a hipster). This is where I will be keeping anyone who’s interested updated on how my training is going, info about the route I’ll be taking, some info on the BHF and, of course, the walk itself.

So, I reckon that covers all the things that need to be covered. I hope this doesn’t turn out too boring. Even if the writing is bad there should at least be some nice pictures along the way, so it should be worth sticking round.

Until next time, cheerio.



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