Two Weeks To Go.

So, two weeks (well technically 13 days) to go until that first step gets taken and things are starting to be weird and wonderful mix of serious, stressful and amazingly exciting.

Training has entered its final period, my legs will tell you a tale of woe, and the million and one little forgotten things are suddenly coming to the surface (who knew getting travel insurance to do something as simple as a bit of walking would be so complicated?).

On Thursday I met with the nice folks from the BHF press team who were full of good ideas and, hopefully, useful contacts. Looking forward to working with them further.

Today I have started sorting out a final kit list and organising my gear. Going through everything has brought home quite how little time is left before kick-off, and I can’t wait.

Oh, and the fundraising total has just passed £165, so big thank you to everyone who has donated so far!


One thought on “Two Weeks To Go.


    Hi Fred, how exciting and nice to read about your plans, it is so quickly getting nearer to your start! Please tell me if I can help you with anything here from Sweden. We will see eachother around the 30 april-2 of may when me and Max is coming down to Vimmerby/Hamphorva.
    Aunt Carina xxx



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