A Slight Change of Plan

For a few days now I’ve had a rather unpleasant stabbing pain in my left knee. After talking to a physio it turns out this is not a good thing, and my plan of “walking it off” apparently won’t work… Really I was told to either stop walking, which is not going to happen, or at least take a week off, which I don’t have time for. Thus I came up with plan B. B for Bicycle.
So, the next few days will be zooming by from the seat of a bike, which will not only take some strain of the old dodgy knee, but will also put me enough ahead of schedule to then have a few rest days and get back to walking.
I know it’s a bit of a change of game, but it won’t be for long and I’m afraid there’s really no alternative. So, I found myself a lovely second hand old banger and I’m back on the road.


I have named her Eir: the Knee Saver. (Eir being the Norse goddess of healing)


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