Passed the Half Way Point! (and other news)


OK, first I would like to say a big thank you to the couchsurfing community of Östersund for putting me up these last few days and making me feel so welcome. Also, a slightly belated thank you to Christian who joined me for a week of walking. It was great to have him along, especially as he seems to be a lucky charm for finding great camping spots (plus he brought a harmonica, something which will now be on my kit for every hike). I’m hoping to have a small piece, and some great photos, from him to post on here soon.

And yes, at some point in the last two weeks, whilst I have been distracted by having friends over and enjoying the view, I passed the mid way point on my walk! Still have another 600 miles to go so it’s not over yet but it’s a great milestone to pass.

In other news, having walked slightly faster than expected I’ve found myself with a week to spare. Not being used to the idea of having nothing to do I signed up to a website called wwoofing, long story short if anyone wants me for the next week I’ll be doing vast amount of digging in Emmagården, a small organic farm on the outskirts of Östersund.


2 thoughts on “Passed the Half Way Point! (and other news)


    Hej Fred! What a nice idea to join people at the farm for a while now when you have time over. I found Emmagården on internet, looks good!
    Kram from Carina


    1. fredrikkeate Post author

      I was told about the website by Lusine, who I was couchsurfing with in Östersund. It’s been good fun so far, lots of digging but I’ve met some nice people.



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