In a Heartbeat (Ester Ahlburg Keate)

Hello readers of my baby brother’s blog!

I am so proud of what Fred is doing and decided I wanted to contribute in some way. I am not very good at walking, but what I am not too bad at is photography… so I thought I would use that in some way to try and raise some money!

I came up with the project “In A Heartbeat: 60 Second Portraits” as a way to do this. For the open day at Brockley Artist Village, where I have my studio, I set up two backdrops and a timer. Everyone who came to the studio was offered the choice of a red or white backdrop and was then given 60 seconds to pose for a portrait. The response was brilliant, I met some great people, found out some interesting things about the area I live in, took 25 portraits and raised about £250 for the BHF… so all in all a pretty good day!






Thank you very much to everyone who took part, and I hope you liked your portraits! 


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