The Accidental Hitchhiker.


After two solid day of rain and a night in a leaky tent things were looking a bit bleak, that is until lady luck intervened in the form of a lovely young couple who offered me a lift to the next town with somewhere to dry out my kit (for those of you worried about me “cheating” it was only about 3 miles, and for those worried I’m not suffering enough, it pissed down the next day as well so I wasn’t dry for long).

Over the weekend I was joined by Johanna, who I worked with at Emmagården farm. Not only did she provide an ear for me to talk at (few weeks of solitude coming up so I’m storing up conversation now) but she also brought some good weather along with her, so all in all a pleasent couple of days. Yes that is her in the picture and yes she probably is now going to hunt me down for posting it.

Back to hiking solo now and I’ve just found a lovely spot by a lake so I’m off to set up camp. Fingers crossed this nice weather holds, tata for now!


2 thoughts on “The Accidental Hitchhiker.

  1. Carina Ahlburg

    Hi Fred! I am very happy to hear from you! Nice that you got a friend with you from the farm for some days. I have unfortunately not heard from anyone up from north that can join you. I understand that you need to talk to someome during the days 😉 When do you expect the next friend to join you, soon?? The american guy, is he coming? I was at mormor and morfar for some days and we looked together at your blog 🙂 Happy news is that mormors lungcancer is gone after the threatment. I went to hospital with her and morfar and we celebrated afterwards with cakes at a cafe 😉 I am so happy about it. I am holding my fingers cross for you and for better weather, it’s about time that the rain stops😝 thinking about you every time the rain is poring down! God when you wrote about the night under the motorway😁😁 sun sun sun please shine on Fred!🌞🍀☀️🔮🔮🔮 Kraaam. Carina and Max also. Skickat från min iPhone

    > 12 jul 2015 kl. 20:30 skrev “I Would Walk 1500 Miles.” : > > >


    1. fredrikkeate Post author

      Yeah it’s been very nice. I’m not sure he will be able to make it but fingers crossed. Otherwise I will hopefully meet some other hikers on the Kungsleden.
      That’s great news, send all my love to both of them!
      Haha thank you, I think there’s supposed to be good weather for the next couple of days at least.
      Lots of love xxx



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