A Sad Farewell.


Friends, Romans, countrymen, I gather you today to mourn a good friend, and constant companion on my journey. Hes been with me every step of the way, made me laugh, made me sigh, even nearly made me cry, and now his final page has been turned. That’s right, my kindle has broken. I don’t know how or why this has happened (it was working at 8am and when I turned it on again at 10 the screen was distorted and only the bottom part would load) but it’s, well, bloody irritating. I loved that kindle and it was great to have something to read of an evening sat round the fire. Plus, I’ve lost my ipod charging cable, so really running short on entertainment. At this rate I’m going to have to start using my imagination and creativity, and thinking about things… One can but shudder.

On a lighter note, only in Lappland could you encounter a traffic jam caused by a family of reindeer casually strolling down the motorway. Papa dear even stopped to take a cheeky wee in the middle of the road infront of the waiting que of cars, lorries and an entire motorcycle tour group. Suffice to say not a single F was given.

Other than that fairly a uneventful day. Nice to have a bit of blue sky and I covered a decent distance.
Am drawing ever closer to the Kungsleden, which I think should be the most exciting and beautiful part of the walk, probably only another 5 or so days until I reach the start at Tarnaby.

Also, a quick thank you to everyone who has donated in the last few days, the total is really starting to add up! For anyone who hasn’t and wants to just pop along to


Right, I’m being eaten alive by the mosquitos (the true rulers of Northern Sweden) so I’m going to dive into the safety of my tent and get some kip. G’night all.


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