The Kungsleden


So, finally I’ve reached it. The last, and probably most beautiful/challenging part of my walk.
I’ve just set out from the town of Hemavan and as this is the last time I’ll have any signal for a few days I thought I would post a little update (well partly that, and partly because that hill was a vicious bastard and I need to sit down for five minutes).
For those of you who haven’t really heard of it the Kungsleden is a hiking trail, established around 1905, which stretches from Hemavan to Abisko crossing three large national parks (said to be one of the largest surviving wilderness areas in Europe). The trail mostly sticks to the valleys but there are a few chances to climb a couple of mountains along the way.
It looks pretty impressive so far and hopefully I will finally meet some other hikers! Fingers crossed anyway.

A quick thank you to everyone who has donated in the last few days and to the hostel owner in Umnäs who, upon seeing the state of my boots offered me a brand new pair he had bought, for free. Looking at the terrain here I probably should have said yes, but I’m too attached to my pair. They’ve brought me this far and I kind of want them to see it through to the end.

Anyway, a few more miles to go yet today and if they’re all as steep as that last hill it’s going to be slow going. Time to get back on the trail, have a good one folks I’ll be back online in a few days


2 thoughts on “The Kungsleden

  1. Tilda

    This is amazing!
    I was up in Hemavan with Aron the last weekend of April for Valborg and went heliskiing.
    I can’t believe you’re actually doing this! will you come by Stockholm on the way back or are you flying straight home, you crazy Englishman ? 🙂



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