The Fairy Godmother of the Kungsleden


So, after finding out my poor old tent hasn’t aged too well, and now offers about as much shelter as a steel helmet in a thunderstorm, things weren’t looking too great. Especially with this being Swedens wettest summer in 100 years. However, I’d come too far to give stop now, and there’s no point getting grumpy about these things (no matter how hot and bothered you get it won’t dry off your socks) so I kept going, on to the next mountain station at Tarnasjön where I spent the last of my cash on a bed for the night. Which turned out to be one of the best decisions ive made all trip.
This is where I met the Fairy Godmother of the KL, Gun Bindström. The Hut warden of the Tarnasjön station, who after hearing about my tent problems, asked around the folks in the station to see if anyone knew about waterproofing/repairing tents. No one did, but there were two absolutely legendary lads who were at the end of their walk and gave me their tent! Not only that but they popped up later in the evening with packets of freeze dried hiking food and even a self inflating sleeping mat and wouldn’t even let me buy them a beer to say thanks. Also a thank you to the hut warden at Servastugan, who was lovely to chat to and gave me even more camping meals, they were delicious. I genuinely can’t say how grateful I am to these amazing people.
Big Brother is now slightly larger and heavier than I am, but I’m dry at night and I’ve never had such comfortable sleep in the field.

A quick hello to, Milla, Ellen, Juang Moon and all the others I’ve met so far on the KL. Great people, but damn it why are you all walking the wrong direction?!

Despite the 5 days of non stop rain the Kungsleden continues to be beautiful and the wind on the mountains is great for blowing away the mosquitos.


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