Two Years Today.


Its two years today since my mother died (I hate saying she “passed” she wasn’t playing football, or that “I lost her” like she was a set of keys) and its been an odd day. It probably won’t ever be a a good day, but this year I do feel strangely positive. At least I’m out here doing something constructive, and after having all summer to think about everything, it feels like I’ve finally managed to straighten things out in my head a little bit. So, though it hasn’t exactly been a happy day, it hasn’t been entirely sad either. Mostly it’s been thoughtful.

Really I just want to send my love to my family, and to my friends who have helped me when things have been rough (and laughed with me when things have been good) and to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. You’ve all helped take something shit and make it just that little bit brighter.

And lastly, just a little piece of music that I remember Sussie loving and that always makes me think of her.


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