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“The Crazy Englishman”


So apparently I’ve earned my trail name from the other hikers on the Kungsleden. I heard about this morning when I bumped into two swedes who, when they heard my accent, exclaimed “oh so you’re the crazy Englishman”. Not going to lie, slightly flattered.

The Kungsleden so far has been absolutely amazing. Bleakly beautiful mountains, crystal clear rivers and bloody treacherous snowfields (already put my foot through what looked like solid snow but turned out to have a good 2 foot void below it, slightly sphincter clenching moment). Plus, finally, I’m meeting other hikers. Loads of them, and there great. Found a beautiful spot in the middle of a valley to camp last night, had a nice big dinner and settled down to some reading, lovely evening. Though the overall atmosphere was slightly spoilt by the discovery that my tent is about as waterproof as a sieve… Had to pack everything up quickly at about 11pm and leg it a couple of miles to the nearest Hut. Looks like I’m going to have to plan my route around where I can find stugas to stay in. Just stopped off at a mountain station for a sit down but it’s time to crack on, at least the sun is shining today!


Apparently it’s Still Winter…


Forty nine miles in two days, not bad if I may say so myself.
The mountains have been slowly drawing closer, and the buggers are still covered in snow! Seems like no one told them it’s supposed to be Summer.
Still, with just a couple more days before the Kungsleden things are getting exciting.

Plus, I had a pair of hawks (or some such) flying along with me for a few miles the other day, beautiful creatures. Though sadly the lighting wasn’t ideal and the zoom on my phone really isn’t great. Aannndd saw a moose, which disappeared before I could even get my phone out, sneaky bastard.


I’ve given myself a night off in a hostel to get clean and organised (the hostel has this amazing machine, you just put clothes in and they come out clean, the times we live in) and met a lovely couple who are motorbiking around northern Sweden. Nice to have someone to chat to.

Oh and I’ve officially named my bag Big Brother. For two reasons 1) like a real big brother he’s a constant source of pain and irritation, but always there when I need something and 2) like the Orwellian Big Brother, everywhere I go he’s right there behind me…

By the way, anyone who wants to see some more photos check out my instagram FKeate.

And, of course.